Where to Put a Mural to Transform Your Home

Murals are one of the best décor tools to personalize your home. These paintings can add meaningful art throughout your home, and help you love your space even more. These are just a few of the best places to put a mural in your home.

Outdoor Walls and Pool Areas

Amazing areas to paint a mural in your home are outside walls and pool areas. These are favorites with clients because they can really work well with gardens and pools. Whether it’s a floralscape or a meaningful phrase, outdoor spaces lend themselves amazingly to a well thought out mural. We will work together to figure out the perfect design that will accentuate your space. 

Your Child’s Bedroom

Adding a mural to your child’s bedroom allows you to customize their bedroom to their interests and personality. The colors you include in your child’s room set the tone of the area. Bright and colorful options make it the perfect play area, while softer tones can make it more relaxing and soothing. Adding a mural to your child’s room allows for a more creative, personalized space that they will enjoy throughout their childhood. You can base this off of anything your child loves, and make it a focal point for your child’s room. Becka has over 7 years of experience with mural painting, and can work with you to design a hand-painted mural for your child’s bedroom. Adding this special touch to your child’s bedroom will be something you cherish for years to come.

A Hallway

Hallways are often empty spaces without much decoration. Instead of leaving your hallway bare or throwing up a few picture frames, consider investing in a mural for the space. A mural is a great way to make any area of your home more artistic and original. Once again, the options are limitless. 

Adding a mural to an area in your home can transform it into a place that reflects your personality. Add these unique touches with a mural  to make your home more creative and artistic. With over seven years of experience, and several five-star reviews, I have tons of experience working with home-owners to find the perfect balance with a hand-painted mural in your home.

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