What Art Can Do For Kids

Art has the potential to inspire, motivate, teach, and uplift those who are exposed to it. This is especially true for children: For example, art exposes children to other cultures and beliefs. Read on to discover more benefits of exposing your children to art. 

Introduce Diversity

One big benefit of introducing art to kids is that it helps them be exposed to more diversity in their everyday lives. The world is becoming increasingly diverse, and the best way to help your children learn to be tolerant and accepting of others is to include more diversity in their lives. Art is one of the ways in which cultures express their history and ideals. When your child views and studies art from another culture, they are better able to understand and appreciate who these people are. This can ultimately lead to them being more understanding and open-minded individuals.

Promote Community Belonging

Many communities incorporate artwork into their public areas to communicate the morals and values of the town. Showing your children these murals can help them feel more connected to their community. Having a strong sense of community is important for a child growing up, and helps them to feel more at home in their community and in the world.

Reduce Stress

Another benefit of introducing children to art is the mental health benefits that can accompany it. Art has been shown to be a great way to relieve stress and help your children focus. It’s important to increase your children’s access to art to help them gain these skills and abilities. If you see art around town, take the time to appreciate it and discuss it with your children. Have them participate in creative activities to help them better express themselves and relieve stress. Finally, consider adding a mural to your child’s room to expose them to the calming, rejuvenating, and inspiring effects of art. 

Becka is an Austin-native muralist who has been painting professionally for over a decade. Her work fills Austin businesses and homes, bringing more art to the community. Click here to learn more about Becka and request a mural for your space!

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