What a Mural Can Do For Your Business

Adding a mural to your business isn’t just for decoration. A mural provides free marketing, more customer and employee satisfaction, and more. If you’ve been considering adding a mural to your business in the Austin area, these are a few of the benefits you can expect from doing so.


Having a mural anywhere on your business property, especially the outside, is a great marketing strategy. A mural is a great, easy way for anyone passing by to know exactly what kind of business occupies that space. An eye-catching mural can introduce people to your business, and make them more interested in working with you. To get the right message across in your mural, it’s important to hire a mural artist that will work with you as the business owner to craft something that properly represents your brand. I am a professional muralist who has worked with businesses in the Austin area to provide them with quality murals for over seven years.

Builds a Strong Brand Image

Murals are a fantastic and creative way to quickly introduce people to your business. The way your business’ mural is constructed can reinforce your company’s brand image right from the beginning. Using bright colors, and adding uplifting messages within your mural helps customers and employees alike feel more welcomed and familiar with your brand. I work directly with brands to craft a mural that accurately represents how they want to be seen by customers and employees. I also hand-paints each and every one of my murals, so it’s completely customizable. Hand-painted murals create a community space where people can observe beautiful artwork and come to know your business better.

Improves Customer Experience

Customers enjoy doing business in beautiful places. Having a colorful, creative mural within your business makes you more approachable and personable for customers. With the increasing popularity of social media, people are always looking to take pictures of murals and post about the businesses they belong to. This can drive more customers to your business and act as another free marketing strategy. If customers are given the choice to take their business somewhere with a beautiful mural or somewhere that is undecorated, they will almost always choose the beautiful option. 

Investing in a mural for your business is a win-win situation. Not only will your employees enjoy working in a more colorful atmosphere, but customers will appreciate it as well. Working with me allows you to receive the best service with a professional mural painter who will provide the highest quality work.

To work with Becka, or to see some of her previous murals, click here!

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