How a Mural Can Promote Your Brand

Murals are a beautiful addition to any community, but they can also be a beneficial branding tool for your business. Murals give customers something to remember and enjoy, as well as help you tell your business’ story. The following are just a few ways that a mural can help promote your brand.

Tell Your Story

Every business has a story to tell. Such a story is an important aspect of the business’ brand. Your story may include the motivating force behind your business, or the origins of your company. Perhaps you live by certain standards, like sustainability. Or maybe there is something about the locality or community that you wish to share with your customers. Either way, a mural can literally paint a picture of who you are as a business and what you stand for. Add a mural to artistically share your story and your values. 

Instill a Certain Mood

An important part of branding is the mood you choose to invoke with your brand. This is evident in your brand’s color scheme, as well as other branding elements like a logo, slogan, or other phrases or images. By installing a colorful mural into your location, you can solicit the mood you are striving for. For example, incorporating blues and nudes tends to invoke a sense of calmness and quiet confidence. On the other hand, contrasting and vibrant colors–like yellow or pink–can instill a feeling of playfulness. At the same time, purple, orange, and black are frequently used in color schemes of technology or manufacturing industries. 

Showcase Your Uniqueness

A beautiful mural offers a memorable experience. As you endeavor to offer a similar experience to your customers, commissioning a local artist to paint a mural at your physical location will ensure that everyone coming through your doors will remember who you are and the amazing things you offer. It will also speak to your uniqueness–what makes you different from your competitors–making it a perfect branding opportunity.  

Adding a mural can be a great way to consistently promote your brand. Murals make your business stand out and create a way for customers to easily remember your company, including your story and your values. If you live in the Austin area, I am a muralist who has been painting murals for businesses for over seven years. Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you better promote your brand.  

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