How a Mural Can Be an Economic Development Tool

Murals have always been known for their beauty. However, adding a mural to your community does so much more than just look beautiful. Murals can be incredibly lucrative economic development tools that can boost a community’s businesses.

Tells a Story For a Business

One of the most powerful ways to convey a story is to do so through a piece of art. Through a piece of art, you’re able to convey moments in history, emotion, and what is important to you. These images give us the opportunity to find a common narrative. This can also significantly help businesses gain customers. You have the opportunity to tell the story of your business and highlight your company’s ideals. Some of the most iconic murals originated from a business’s commissioned mural. A mural can work as a wonderful marketing tool, because it gives the public an immediate sense of what your business does and how it’s connected to the community.

Increased Appreciation for the Arts

Another thing that a mural can do for you is to increase community appreciation for the arts.  Art is a way for people to see into other ideals and cultures without ever leaving their own community. Knowledge of and appreciation for the arts helps people learn about new perspectives and be more open-minded. Art gives people something to talk about and come together for. An appreciation for the arts is always something that cities should strive for. Incorporating murals throughout the community is a shining beacon of a city’s appreciation of art.

Create Community

Besides just telling a story, a mural can create a sense of community with the images displayed in it. You can tell the story of the community, and establish a sense of pride for those who are a part of it. If you paint a mural in a popular part of your community, people will begin to take pictures and post about it on social media. This can attract people to see it, and boost the tourism industry within your community. This is incredibly beneficial for every business within your city. Allow murals to bring the added benefits to your community.

Murals are not only beautiful, but they can be incredibly beneficial to our businesses and our communities. When our businesses thrive our community thrives. Commissioning a mural from me will help you grow the economic development of your community. Allows your community to reap the benefits of a hand-painted mural.

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